Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you make about your wedding. We know you will use these pictures to remember your wedding day.  Wedding photos are often the pictures we use to decorate the walls of our homes and we share them with friends and future generations.

Taking great wedding photographs requires a professional who knows more than camera settings and lighting techniques. Your photographer should also know great ways to pose people and make them feel relaxed and natural. A wedding photographer needs to be able to adjust to a variety of situations and lighting conditions. Hiring a professional with experience and creativity is essential.

Choosing the person who will take pictures at your wedding can be one of the most important wedding decisions. We are often asked about the terms used to describe styles of photography and about what to look for in a photographer.  You may have questions about the styles photographers use. What is Fine Arts photography? What is the photojournalistic style? Understanding your options can assist you in selecting the best photographer for you. Not all couples like the same types of pictures. We’ll answer those questions and more in our Guide to Wedding Photography.

The recommendations and advice will help you make the best decision for you! After you’ve had a chance to learn more about wedding photography and how to choose a photographer for you, be sure to meet the person who will be taking the photos at your wedding. You will want to like talking with them and know you can trust them.

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