How many photos do we receive? Every wedding is unique, so we never have a specific number of images listed in our collections. A shorter wedding with one photographer will often garner around 500 photos. If I work for 12 hours and with a second photographer, we might have 750-1000 photos.

Which photos do we see in our online gallery?
Every photo you will receive is uploaded as web-sized images for your online gallery.

Can we share the online gallery? YES! The gallery is a fun way to share your pics and is ideal for family and friends who would like to order prints for themselves. Orders placed online are sent directly to the person who placed the order, making it easy for family to order pictures.

Do you travel for weddings?
YES! This year we worked in Arizona, the Colorado Rockies, and New Mexico. In the past, we have traveled to New York, Michigan, Connecticut and the Florida Keys.

What do we do with a credit? Your credits are pre-payments toward future albums or wall art. We offer custom-designed albums as well as framed photos, canvases, and gallery blocks. You can wait until after you see your wedding photos to choose how you want to share and display them.

If you design an album for us, do we get to see it before it goes to print? YES! In fact, you can choose images for the book as well as materials for the cover. We offer leather and leather alternatives in a variety of modern colors as well as innovative materials like marbled glass.

As we work on your album, we will upload the pages online for you to see. As part of the process, you can request changes to the book. We make the changes you want and then give you another opportunity to see the album. More album information can be found here.

Albums aren’t sent for printing until they’ve been approved by you.

Are the images on the flash drive ready to print? Absolutely. They are all high-resolution files. They don’t have watermarks and they are edited for you.

What is a Personal Use License?
Your personal use license gives you the permission to legally print and share your wedding photographs. The license we use makes it legal for you to transfer the license to your family. The license has no expiration date, which is great if you want use the photos in the future – for a calendar, phone case, or other gift.

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